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LUCIA is the thinker of the group. She’s cautious by nature, sometimes even a little fearful. She’s afraid of the dark! She sometimes even a little fearful. She only trusts rigorous risk analysis and knowledge. She’s very erudite and owns the most electronic equipment: sea charts, weather reports, climate analyses, all kinds of statistics. 

Her need for control often turns into exaggerated caution. 

Luckily, LUCIA’s sense of duty and the encouragements of her friends help her surpass herself and overcome her fears when she really needs to.


SIRENA is the hyperactive member of the group. She is constantly on the look-out for animals who need her help. She knows about the habits of different species and has a real gift for earning animals' trust. 

Wanting to help them is not a characteristic for her, it’s her whole purpose in life. SIRENA has a positive and optimistic nature (she’s the antithesis of Lucia). But SIRENA is also hypersensitive about animals and sometimes misses the bigger picture. While she possesses veterinary skills, SIRENA has a ‘motherly’ relationship to all animals.


NEPTO is the team’s strongman and the joker, the one who’s scared of nothing. His temerity sometimes turns into recklessness, since NEPTO tends not to listen to anybody, not

the sensible (in his opinion, overly sensible) Lucia. But when the circumstances truly require it, NEPTO can be reasonable and he’s a good friend who easily admits his mistakes to his team mates.

The IP

IP Licensing owns and handles all the rights of the property for the world. IP Licensing feels that the high potential of those environnemental friendly transforming boats for young kids and their parents will contribute to the success of the IP.

After a few month of graphic and design developpement, there was no doubt that ROBOATS could become one of the young kids most beloved characters.


A strong brand ID logo was developed and FRANCETV French Public Broadcaster jumped on board to co-develop the show and the stories in which the characters will evolve to fit both French audience and the international market. 

As well, the Digital world of ROBOATS will be produced during animation production to launch a few month ahead TV broadcast.

The Show

ROBOATS is an incredible preschool CGI animated show developed in France by BEE PROD, a new prodco launched by Kids' Television and Animation production house veteran, Pierre Belaisch.  

Following huge successes in CGI preschool shows under his Gaumont Animation leadership like the NODDY or CALIMERO new shows among others, Pierre is envisioning a worldwide hit with this original & innovative IP.


The show tells about the adventures of an ocean ranger of transforming boats, saving the day of fauna and flora on the oceans. The playground is huge as seas represent 70% of our planet surface and most of its species. The strong environnemental concern in conjunction with these unique characters combined with the talent of french animation industry will transform this property in a fantastic opportunity for the makers of the world television, kids and toy industries.


The Audience

This show is targeting the 3-7 years old. All stories and plots will appeal to the upper preschool, but characters and side pet characters will also to even younger ones -as we want to make sure we please every kids from 2 to 7 ;)

There will be plenty of great stories in which friendship, confidence, bravery, solidarity, sharing and team spirit will come under the spotlight.

The Ambition

Our teams are working hard on the next mega hit show and IP for all kids worldwide.

We will build a digital ROBOATS WORLD so that kids can learn and play with the oceans underworld and seashore animals and get familiar with our Rangers. The digital platform will launch back to school 2021.

The TV show will reach all TV markets on main networks by 2022 with a toy roll out from spring 2022.. so that every single fan of the show can play with his own ROBOAT or the whole Ocean Rangers and their animal friends!!

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